Visual Artist Zac Travis creates installations, videos, and photographs using algorithms, machine learning, and chance operations. Travis intervenes in systems of power dynamics and social influence of Internet related content. He is in constant collaboration with technology and is focused on automation, web-based content, popular culture, the absurd, internet phenomena, and digital subcultures. Stemming from a photographic background, His work often contradicts traditional roles of image-making and focuses on current digital trends and productions. 

Travis currently lives, works, and teaches in Albuquerque, New Mexico where he received his MFA from The University of New Mexico in 2019. In 2014, he received his BFA from the University of North Texas located in Denton, TX. While studying in Denton, Travis co-founded; an online contemporary art database, that works with documenting and giving exposure to artists through interviews, editorials, and exhibitions. 

Travis’ work has been exhibited throughout the southern region of the United States, predominately between Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. He is the recipient of awards including the Dallas Museum of Art’s Awards to Artists in 2014, Maryann Evans Studio Art Scholarship in 2019, and Van Daren Coke-Beaumont Newhall Fellowship in 2019.

His most recent solo exhibitions include Content Nausea in 2018 and Recipe for Disaster in 2019, which both focus on ideas of loss of human agency through use of automation in technology.