Zac Travis is a visual artist focused on an amalgamation of three self-asserted categories of thinking: digital ubiquity and the digital archive, interrogation of digital media, and computational thinking. Travis uses a copy-and-paste-like process that engages with the appropriation of web-based content. The work is in constant collaboration with both technology and the internet, a combination of cyber and self, in an endless state of push and pull with digital media and digital technologies. While acknowledging a social system in which so much information is transmitted and shared digitally, Travis is investigating the power and influence of the internet while reflecting on and intervening in the systems that circulate said information.

Zac co-founded; an online contemporary art database, documenting and sharing artists through interviews, editorials, and exhibitions (currently on hiatus).

Today, Zac Travis lives in Albuquerque, NM where he is attending the University of New Mexico as an MFA candidate, studying photography and expanding his focus on digital technologies, digital media, and internet visual culture.