Variants Vol. I
Variants Vol. III
Variants Vol. IV

digital photographs

The work Variants is an ongoing digital archive consisting of multiple volumes. Within each volume is its own series of digitally manipulated images. In Variants Vol. IV the viewer is presented with over three hundred assorted images originating from a single photograph. Each image is reproduced with multiple combinations of shifting colors, tonalities, and sizes of elements within the confines of the frame.

The process of Variants starts with my own photographs of mundane objects within stripped-down environments, constructed for easy digital manipulation. This is followed by creating a boundless archive of alterations made to each image. In focusing on manipulation, I am working and reworking the same image, creating an endless record of every single subtle alteration produced through standardized or default filtering accessible through Photoshop. In this ongoing project, what is left behind is the possible outcome of infinite amount of images and a base catalyst for representing the traits that characterize the digital image as malleable and inexhaustible. The output of Variants is as endless as the combinations of filters and editing allowed through the use of Photoshop and as endless as the reproducibility of a single digital file. These images exists within a digital environment where they are forever changing and evolving, never intended to be circulated into physical presence. The work Variants engages with ideas of ubiquity, the archive, and reproducability of digital imagery.